Communication, social media & design for SAENGER Gallery in CDMX (Mexico).

Theophany's Thirst for Radical Sounds Latin America

Sound/Poetry storytelling in collab with Chris Christou for Radical Sounds Latin America. Contemplating voice, sounds and music as a medium to reflect about our own acoustic consciousness, this musical storytelling took inspiration from visual and sound poetry from the mid-70s, attempting to use these sound sources out of the domain of physical tangible reality to reinvigorate language as a passionate poetic tool that commemorates memories of the past, memories of people and fading memories.

Radio Bonita

Radio bonita (NY) pop-up in CDMX, in collaboration with El & MitamineLab.


Text for Emanation journal, an interdisciplinary ethnography publication focused on Huautla de Jiménez, and Mazatec community of the Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Independent labor w/artists

Mim has coordinated projects, art production, sales & other related artsy stuff for artists like Pedro Friedeberg, Pedro Reyes, Carlos Amorales, François Bucher, Atelier Romo & Ana Montiel.


Communications coordinator for Aramauca, contemporary art platform in San Cristóbal, Chiapas.


Communication, funding strategies and sponsorships for Museomix first edition in Mexico City at Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, a gathering of mediators, tinkerers, designers, developers, graphic artists, communicators, artists, writers and other fans of culture in the heart of a museum. Museomix focuses on innovation, museography, mediation and the digital transformation of museums.


Cultural management for Algorave first edition in Mexico City at Centro de Cultura Digital, an event where people dance to music generated from algorithms.


Sponsorships and logistics for Skepsis at Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC), itinerant series of lectures oriented towards the problematization of cultural, social and artistic practices.

Lugar Común

Consultancy and funding strategies for Lugar Común in Oaxaca, a local and trans-territorial network interested in cultural, anti-systemic and citizen participation proposals.

Mitamine & friends

Compilation dedicated to celebrate the work of old & new friends. Including tracks by Nima Ikki, An trinse, Mads Emil Nielsen, Birdy Earns, Raphael Leray, Broshuda, Tapes Adventure, niñosindigo, Judas el desgraciado, R, Cor.S, Blair Sound Design, Rubinskee, Don Esquivel, TYU, Paolo Iocca, The Boid and thingamajicks.


Consultancy for Rrréplica, a non-profit, fiercely independent initiative. A gathering for the discussion and dissemination of the publishing practices of those who use the electronic stencil-printing technique, known as risography.

Pequeños Misterios

Consulting and strategic planning for Pequeños Misterios, project interested in shaking the idea of children's culture.

Mitamine on Ibero909

Radio show on, one of the most important radio stations in CDMX.

Mitamine on Resonance Extra

Original broadcoast focused on contemporary music, internet archives and literature. Broadcasting monthly on Resonance Extra, a 24/7 project dedicated to transmission arts, audio arts and experimental music on DAB Digital Radio to Brighton & Hove and online.

The kinda real guide for the cultural entrepreneur

Publication about unconventional (or at least not formal) ways to develop cultural and artistic projects in a contemporary context. This project was part of the open call program for the EAT/MUCA Roma in Mexico City.


MITAMINE LAB, contemporary sound archive and curatorial project. Original broadcasts monthly on Resonance EXTRA (LDN).

This is an artist-run project by Alma G. Ferrer 'Mim', culture curator and music storyteller, currently working and living in Mexico City.