ML205: Valesuchi

pedro-barateiro-you-and-i-2015-inkjet-print-on-fineart-baryta-paper-and-indian-ink-90-x-675-cm   pedro-barateiro-poster-for-the-exhibition-we-belong-to-other-people-when-were-outside-at-kettles-yard-cambridge

1. Pedro Barateiro, Is it by Mistake or Design?, 2015.
2. Pedro Barateiro, You and I, 2015.
3. Pedro Barateiro,  Poster for the exhibition We Belong to Other People When We’re Outside at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 2013.

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azuma-makoto-botanical-sculpture-6-dynamite-2016 azuma-makoto-chamber-gallery-new-york-designboom-20

1. Azuma Makoto, Nº 30 Paludarium OSAMU, 2015.
2. Azuma Makoto, Botanical Sculpture # 6 Dynamite, 2016.
3. Azuma Makoto, Botanical sculpture, Yamagata Polypore x Gold, 2016.

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Constantin Brancusi, he Kiss Column, 1935

ML196: The Hum

Constantin Brancusi, Leda, c. 1920  Constantin Brancusi, Muse endormie [I], 1910 Centre Georges Pompidou, Musée national

1. Constantin Brâncuși, The Kiss Column, 1935.
2. Constantin Brâncuși, Leda, c. 1920.
3. Constantin Brâncuși, Muse endormie [I], 1910.
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